Tips to Passing an Interview

Going on an interview could be nerve-racking and debilitating. Anxiety could build up a few days or hours before the schedule. You could feel knots in your stomach and feel panic. Trying out something new or even talking to someone new like a hiring manager is a step outside your comfort zone. Passing an interview takes courage, luck, and a lot of preparation. These are ways that can help you to take that important step that could put your foot in the door of that job you’re aiming for.

1. Research

Research about the tasks of the job you are applying for. Know what the company is about. Know about the company culture and if you could fit in. Find out who founded it, when it was founded it, and other important questions.

2. Prepare for possible questions and prepare your answers

This will save you from having to think about the answers from the top of your head. Just like exams, knowing possible answers to questions will help you look very knowledgeable.

3. Be yourself

It is easy to overdo your answers and talk a lot more than required when you want to impress the hiring manager. Stay authentic. Besides your knowledge and skills, the interviewer would want to know you as a person and find out if you will fit in with the company.

4. Have a list of questions on your own

The interview process is not a one way-street. It actually goes both ways. If you have questions about the job or the company that you can’t research on your own, then ask them during the interview.

5. Bring documents that the interviewer might need

The hiring manager might not have asked you to bring your documents like certificates, an extra resume or references but it is helpful in case it might be needed.

6. Familiarize yourself with your resume

A lot of the questions could come from what you wrote on your resume. It is best to remember what is written in your resume to avoid forgetting some information or fumbling on some facts to avoid looking suspicious.

7. Dress the part

Aim to look professional and well-prepared for the interview. Dress for the job you want. It is important to dress in a professional manner. Make sure to polish your shoes. Just as you should also polish your nails. If you’re a male, make sure your nails are well manicured. If you’re a female, if you do wear nail polish make sure it is of a neutral color.

8. Be there on time

Showing up late for a job interview could instantly disqualify you from the job you desire. Nothing screams more unprofessional than being late.
There you have it! Good luck on your interview.